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Data recovery

Hard drive failure

When you turn on your computer, your drive behaves strangely, you have lost access to your data and you do not know what to do. You've come to the right place. It does not matter if it's a laptop drive, computer, server, disk array, camcorder or any other hard drive your data is recoverable. With many years of experience, over 20 years in the field of data recovery we have encountered countless different cases of data loss.

How to choose the best offer?

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Choosing an offer, adapted to the specific problem of data loss, is the most challenging for each client. If you have lost data due to formatting, logical damage, damage to a fuzzy storage medium, contact us and we will adapt the offer to you and your data loss problem.

Examples of hard drive failures

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Data recovery from hard disks, pendrives, mobile phones and even physically damaged memory cards is possible. You can recover almost anything. We very rarely encounter a situation where data can’t be recovered.

Data recovery is not expensive

Data recovery, contrary to appearances, is not expensive. For most clients it is in the price range 250 PLN - 650 PLN. A data recovery cost above this amount depends on the type of physical disk or portable memory damaged. As you can see, data recovery does not have to leave you bankrupt.

Data recovery departments

  • What is data recovery?

    Data recovery is the tedious process of reconstructing the directory structure of files, and attempting to make every file that is important to you readable again.

    Data recovery from hard drives

    Data recovery from hard disks is a service aimed at restoring damaged or deleted data.

    Data recovery from pendrives

    Memory cards and pendrives are quite specific devices with a similar principle of operation and construction. In both cases, as with any other data devices, we distinguish between two types of damage:

  • Data recovery from memory cards

    Recovering data from memory cards is one of the most difficult cases. If the card is not visible in any device or card reader, in most cases, it means there is physical damage.

    Unusual devices

    Quite often it happens that we get so-called unusual devices to work with. These are devices with a specific structure.

    Data recovery from mobile phones

    Mobile phones are currently the most vulnerable to data loss. The more so as they are increasingly becoming the main portable data storage device.