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Data recovery in Warsaw

We are pleased to announce that on 22.07.2018 we opened a representative office in Warsaw. Data recovery services in Warsaw, thanks to the representation, are available to everyone. In Warsaw you no longer have to go to deliver a disk. Our representative will go and personally collect the hard drive, phone or any other data carrier.

In Poland, no one has lower prices

Thanks to our competitive prices, we hope that an increasing number of people will be able to enjoy recovered data in various ways. Also in Warsaw and Łódź, where the head office is located, it is possible, in some cases, to recover data on the spot.

The ability to recover data on the spot.

Of course, such a possibility exists only in cases in which strategic data is available for recovery on site without specialized equipment or a vacuum chamber. Data recovery is a service targeted at companies where time and speed of data recovery is a priority. Reaching the client in special cases takes up to 3 hours, the time of data recovery depends on the size and type of data carrier.

We cordially invite you to take advantage of our new offer and call and request a representative to collect the data recovery medium.