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Expert report.

After determining the scope of the analysis of electronic evidence and the subject of the search, the proper protection of the copy of the data is the most important. Another important thing in Investigative IT is to provide so-called continuity of the chain of evidence. It involves detailed documentation of all activities carried out as part of the analysis of a given medium - what happened with the carrier at every stage of the work. Another very important element is the repeatability of results - another expert who can undertake the verification of the effects of our work, should achieve the same results using the same tools.

We carry out any work as part of the forensic analysis in a timely manner, and we follow the principles of reliability and impartiality.

The final effect:

After completing the work, we prepare a report called an opinion that comprehensively answers the questions contained in the order, in accordance with the request of the commissioner, including the method and method of analyzing the digital copy of the data carrier. The final report (expertise) prepared by us is reliable, clear and understandable for all its recipients - the prosecutor's office, the court, the parties to the proceedings, their representatives and gives the most current, objective view of the case. It also contains detailed data that has been recovered after deleting or reformatting the computer's hard disk. Price list The costs of conducting forensic examinations are very diverse and depend on the amount and working time.

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