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How to select right hard drive.

Jaki dysk wybrać..

How to select right hard drive? This is the biggest problem for very many users: private, corporate or even people from the industry . Currently, there are several types of hard drives on the IT sector segment. The most important functions of a hard drive are: data storage, playing , work, or the implementation of our ideas. There are several types of hard drives and it is worth considering before buying over the intended use and choosing the appropriate data carrier.

SSD hard drives.

Who has not heard flattering opinions about SSD hard drives. I think everyone. These disks feature high data access speed, no moving parts, quiet operation. Unfortunately, these disks have a disadvantage.SSDs are entirely electronic and like any electronic device, they can be damaged at any time.They also have higher susceptibility to damage, even mechanical damage caused by improper use.SSD disks are ideal for players and graphic designs, but on the condition of making copies of security projects in the cloud or on another data carrier. As the main drives in companies, they are and should be banned, because data recovery on SSD driversis impossible. That is why we should choose such disks when we have a computer to play, and a good data security policy, through frequent and regular backup.

HDD hard drives.

These drives are the most stable data carrier due to the sophisticated technologies. Data recovery on these drives is almost always possible. They do not have SSD drives errors, only the electronic part. They are currently slightly slower than SSDs, but they give us higher stability and certainty .That's why these types of hard drives are ideal for companies, as stable storage stations. The average user, after buffering his programs will not notice the difference. The differences can be seen in of multimedia, graphics processing, and any operation requiring the processing of large amounts of data. That is why it is the best choice for every company.

SSHD drives.

SSHD disks are an increasingly popular data carrier. It combines features, HDD and SSD. It is a hybrid that was first created by the tycoon in the production of hard drives company SEAGATE. These disks have got the speed of SSD Drives, specially separated memory is the memory for the operating system, which thanks to such a solution is loading very quickly, and the other part of the disk is a traditional disk HDD, with a disc design. One could say a brilliant solution. However, at the present time it is not a SAFE data carrier. Technology is still in development, which is why these disks are recommended for home use as disks of normal use, with no strategic data. Although it can be expected that in the near future the technology will be refined, and will surely displace traditional hard drives.

I hope that this short summary will help you choose the hard disk that will fulfill your tasks.