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Data recovery from smartphones.

Mobile phones are currently the most popular data carrier. It is safe to say that it slowly displaces stationary data carriers, such as hard drives. We have our entire world on our phones. Contacts, e-mails, conversations, photos, often company data. The most common case of data loss in phones is flooding the phone. In this case, there is no problem with recovering the data, we have equipment for it, as well as in the case of physically damaged the phone. Recovering data from mobile phones is no longer as complicated as a few years earlier.

Data from the phone can almost always be recovered!!!

The problem with the recovery of data from a mobile phone is only when we format it to the factory settings. This is the worst thing a user can do. The chances of data recovery are then only 30%, and there is always a risk of failure, because many factors contribute to this. For which phones we recover data: - From physically damaged phones - From sunken phones - From phones after deleting data - From phones after factory reset - With Android phones - From phones with Windows Mobile - From IPhone phones The most difficult to recover are the data from IPhone phones due to data encryption and a specific data processing system, therefore, from the IPhone phones the chances of data recovery are always analyzed individually. Of the other phones physically damaged, the effectiveness is 99.99%

We cordially invite you to take advantage of the mobile phone data recovery service.