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Website administration.

The administration of the website consists in taking over all activities and obligations guaranteeing the continuity of the smooth operation of the website (technical support), storing backups and, above all, updating the website content. You do not have to hire a new employee, thus reducing the cost of maintaining the website

Websites administration. Possible forms of cooperation:

2 cooperation opportunities:

202/5000 - One time update of the website - an option for small websites and websites that do not require regular content change - a one-off cost, determined after presenting the expectations. - Monthly subscription - a suitable solution for websites, portals and online stores whose owners have in mind continuous control and administration of their content - an offer targeted at individuals and companies making regular changes to websites. We make an exact quote after presenting your needs and expectations. Costs The costs of website administration are very diverse and depend on the quantity and type (content, files, photos, products, tables) of materials to be entered on the website. Subscription prices - from 140 PLN net per month !!!

We cordially invite you to cooperation.