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Creating websites and business cards for companies..

The Internet soon became the most dynamically developing medium. Nowadays, it is difficult to imagine a properly functioning company that could afford to be absent from the Internet. The ease and speed of access to all kinds of data, as well as their huge amount, makes searching for a service or product usually the first action we undertake is searching the Internet. For this reason, having your own website (which would of course be properly positioned) unquestionably increases the chances of a given company to interest its offer for customers, which directly affects the increase of its revenues ..

A website is by far the cheapest, easiest and fastest way for a company to communicate with its customers. The best proof of this is the comparison of the possibilities of updating information on the Internet, and traditional folders, leaflets or catalogs. This is due to the necessity to re-print leaflets / posters, which is definitely a much more expensive (and more time-consuming) action than a virtually free and instant self-updating of the website.

Activities related to the creation of a website by the Del-System project team includes, among others:

analyzing as well as identifying the company's needs as well as the activity of the competition development of a functional and efficient service that would take into account the specificity of the company while using state-of-the-art technologies, designing a website in accordance with all requirements set by the Internet and using the company's own materials (such as, photos), aktywne uczestniczenie firmy zlecającej zadanie w tworzeniu projektu, page positioning on selected words / phrases in search engines. Additionally, at the customer's special request, we can: take pictures or video for the purposes of the website, redesign the existing site, take care of the constant updating of the existing website,

How does page design work in practice?

First, we decide how the overall appearance of the page should look like - what should be its layout, how many webpages it is supposed to have, what technology is to be done, etc. Then we prepare an first cost estimate of the entire order, after which - after prior delivery by the customer of the necessary materials (such as text or logo) - we make a free graphic design of the main page. Once it has been accepted by the client, we create an example subpage. After approving all projects, we start the work that is related to cutting the graphics to HTML. The first version of the site is placed by us on the test server and from that moment the client can easily check what the further progress of work on the order looks like. All you have to do is log in to the test server!After final approval by the client of our work, we publish the website on the Internet. If the CMS system is being implemented to the website, the database is still running and the necessary software is implemented for the above-mentioned works. The total content of the page (including the hierarchy of webpages, photos, texts, etc.) is already added by the administration panel.

How much does the website cost?

Taking into account the variety of specificity, functionality and individualized approach to each project, it is very difficult to give a specific amount without knowing even the approximate specifications of a given website. Please contact us and after we receive your inquiry, we immediately prepare an offer that will be sent to the customer immediately. We cordially invite you to cooperate in the development of websites.