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The latest Windows 10 operating system

Windows 10, what is worth ?.

There are many texts about the latest Microsoft product. However, I can only recommend for stability, speed of action and most importantly, the lack of incorrect operation of the applications that I use - at work and after work. But as you probably guessed, the ones on which I work are the most important for me. I installed Windows 10 two months ago. I waited patiently, I got to know every nook and cranny, optimization, tests, and that I do not stick with the system, it's a bit of a survival.

The stability of the system for any hard restarts, hard power shutdowns is a huge surprise. Connection of damaged components, speed of operation, no waiting. A small amount of resources used, no suspension despite hard work and launching dozens of programs including games. Advantages only . Well, unfortunately not. Windows 10 is a damn stable system, but requires CONFIGURATION.

A good one. Standard installation and lack of optimization, it makes the ox not Emoticon smile system In addition, if we do not disable services related to our business, and what we do, Microsoft will know everything about us. But that just sounds terrible. Fortunately, you can do it in a very simple way, of course, just the basics. The most important thing is that it is possible to fully switch it off, but it's already fun to register what I will not present here. There is a risk of damaging the system, which we would like to avoid. When we turn off the monitoring of our activities and optimize the system, I recommend it to everyone. However, it is worth getting ready to upgrade the system. For example, if you have Microsoft Office 2010, then you need to update the minimum until 2013.

Personally, I think that the upgrade itself is the worst idea. We know in the system that we used so far, we had a lot of rubbish. The system is best configured from the beginning. But here we have two options. We update and then reset the system to zero. It is worth to protect our data not on the system partition, but on other partitions. Or order and book an ISO image. a new system that we can get to our computer, after registering the device, and providing an e-mail address.

The system is good, right configuration and you can have a really great system. Therefore, do not complain just prepare the equipment and then configure it. Emoticon smile. And the most important. At the current stage, the system is not suitable for companies where we have important data. The system is not safe for strategic data. !!!!!

But for home PCs - I recommend it