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Data recovery from discs….

It does not matter if it's a laptop drive, computer, server, disk array, camcorder or any other hard drive your data is recoverable. With many years of experience over 20 years in the field of data recovery, we have encountered countless different cases of data loss. You can always trust us, because we guarantee discretion in the entire process of data recovery, and the confidentiality of data of the customer in need of recovering data, as well as the lost data themselves from the hard disk. The most important rule in the case of data loss is not making any attempts to recover the data on your own. Often, such actions will prevent the recovery of data due to overwriting data through improper attempts to recover data

The safest option is to disable such a damaged drive and disconnect power. Any attempt can always lead to a situation where data recovery is impossible. Once you have disconnected the hard drive, look for help, for example in our company DEL-SYSTEM data recovery.

Hard disk logic errors:

Typical symptoms of logical damage, visible in operating systems, will be the lack of visibility of our lost files in the operating system structures. The most common reason for this loss of data, as well as the loss of data regardless of the type of data carrier, is deleting data from the system's basket or deleting permanently via the "SHIFT + DEL" key combination. If after this operation the work was carried out on the hard disk, the data could have been written or created tz. fragmentation of files. Even if we close the system or turn it on, it is possible to write data. Formatting, endless system installation and bad partitioning also lead to data corruption. If you do not know how a hard drive works, or how a hard disk data structure is built, you should even logically corrupt the disk, disconnect it from your computer and contact us. We will take care of your case and recover the data in a safe and professional manner. Physical damage to the hard disk: The most common cause of physical hard disk damage is transport or fall of the disk (even from a small height). Symptoms of physical hard disk failures are usually, lack of visibility in the bios system, long loading of hard disk identification, impossibility of starting the operating system, lack of response to power connection, computer hang-up, etc. If you hear all kinds of scratching, knocking, whistling, or any sounds coming from the hard disk and not known to us, and the irregular operation of the disk engine, stop working immediately and categorically do not connect power. Further functioning of the damaged data carrier may cause irretrievable data loss. . In this case, please contact us immediately to recover the data.

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Which hard drives we recover data from.

Which hard drives we recover data from.