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Strategic data security

In order to determine whether we need security for strategic data, we should first ask ourselves whether we have strategic data. What are strategic data.??
These are particularly sensitive data, such as:
- Personal data
- Design data
- Business strategic planning data
- Accounting data
- Database data
- Documents in electronic form
- Multimedia data

This is just an example of what data should be considered as strategic data, although it can be exchanged without end. For each and every company such data is different.

The strategic data security policy is the basis !!!

And in order to fully secure the data that we consider to be strategic, you must implement a CORRECT security policy
It's not just about doing Backups, about whether I wrote in an earlier article, but about access policy and special protection of access to data.
Because the most common reason for data leakage is the PHYSICAL access of unauthorized persons to Hosts, immediate access with all file permissions, COMPANY EMPLOYEES or unconscious access of remote access to a person who should not have such access in a properly-run security policy
The implementation of security policy should have the following points:
-Verification of the need to access specific data for individual employees.
-Creation of several progressive data access profiles
-Location verification of data, as it is often the case that strategically important data is on ordinary workstations without any physical protection.
-The location of the most strategic data outside the WEB network.
-Implementation of hardware data protection.
-Implementation and training in employee data security policy.
-Limitation to the smallest number of people who have full administrative rights.
-Limitation to two people who have full right to change passwords and hardware configuration of the security system.
-Overview of network infrastructure to eliminate vulnerabilities in the Web.
-Perform a controlled network attack on the IT infrastructure, determining which points are not correctly implemented.
Of course, these are just examples, because the methods of conducting IT policy are unlimited, and the reason is simply each individual approach to the issue of strategic data.

If you need help with security, and analyze the strategic data security system, please contact us.

How we secure strategic data in companies.

Strategic data security in companies
  • Securing program access
  • Securing multi-level access
  • Securing access with hardware coding
  • Data access monitoring
  • Custom security
  • Special data security
  • Mobile data security